We are a bespoke framing workshop based in The Whisky Bond.


Specialising in hand finishes, we make each and every frame to order. We offer all kinds of hand finishing including but not limited to: painting, staining, lime wash, gesso, gild, varnishing, canvas stretching. We also offer a curated selection of pre-finished frames and metal frames. 

Framing Options


From box frames to tray frames to canvas stretches to metal frames... the possibilities and combinations are endless. Have a look through our work section for inspiration or get in touch - we can talk you through processes and ideas.



Bespoke framing is a craft with many processes and problems to solve with every frame. We always aim to keep our prices as competitive as possible and understand that framing on top of making artwork can really add up. To help with costs we offer a 10% artists discount and 10% discount on 5+ identical frames.



From the day you drop off your artwork, we will turnaround your piece in under 10 days. If you have a particular deadline do let us know and we can work with you to get there.

Conservation Standard

Having worked at one of the top framers in London, display has framed all manner of challenging artwork and uses conservation methods as standard - meaning the framing of your artwork is reversible! From paper cut outs, t-shirts, maps, ceramics, textiles, 3D paper sculptures… display has many years experience under the belt. No job is too odd or too difficult!



With many options to consider, it’s always best to come down to the workshop, look at samples and chat through the process.

We are based at The Whisky Bond, Glasgow. No need to make an appointment, just drop in during our opening hours!

Mounting Styles


A float mount is where your artwork 'floats' on top the mount board. A great way to expose deckled edges or images that fill the whole piece of paper - keep it simple with a float mount and don't lose those bits of interest

Raised Float

A raised float is similar to a float mount except the artwork raises up above the the mount, creating a shadow behind the artwork. This is a great way to create depth and really draw attention to your artwork. A standard raise is 5mm above the mount, but go for a 15mm for a super dramatic look in a box frame

Window Mount

A more common or traditional style of mount, a window mount sits above your artwork and creates a border around the piece. The colour and proportions of the border are totally up to you! Keep it simple with a 30mm border all round or up the scale for added drama especially on small prints.

Straight in

For posters or invaluable works this is a great way to flatten the image straight up against the glass. Not recommended for valuable artworks or mediums that need room to breath, i.e charcoal or inky screenprints.

Stick down

We offer dry mounting for your artwork where needed. Not recommended for valuable artworks but can be a great way to even out creases and crinkles on less valuable artworks.


All artworks are considered for framing on a bespoke basis. From unusual textiles to ornaments and collectables, we're able to problem solve and find a way to frame almost anything!

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Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or enquiries. Give us a call, send us a text or email and we'll get back to you same day.

We can't wait to start working with you!

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